What sets us apart?

While managing your social media accounts, Edify proactively updates immersive new technologies entering the marketing mix.
Keeping your customer engagement vibrant and always personal. 

Account Management 

Content Release

Content previously created will be infixed into the appropriate platforms. This will help us build your digital brand and showcase your products/services online. Releasing content in a timely and strategic manner and making sure we utilize the ideal time to reach the highest amount of potential customers without losing traction. Our team utilizes time and task management tools which help ensure communication, deadlines, and quality control on every service we provide to your business. 

CMS & Automation

Once the content is created, our team researches the optimum timing for having your Social Media content posted. By doing so, we maximize your brand’s marketing efforts, with each post we advertise on your platform. Here at Edify we automate posts with ample time, allowing us to quantify your data and scale your business with a tailored strategy made for you.

Adjusting Marketing Campaigns  

With so many recent changes in the market, together with the increasing rate of technological advancements for businesses, companies are forced to react quicker than ever. Working with Edify, you can be confident to know we are ready to quickly pivot and adjust strategies as issues arise or trends, change. This will allow us to keep meeting your core goals, by smoothly responding to these changes without skipping a beat on your current and future growth.

Account Maintenance

Customer Engagement  

Customer engagement refers to the connection between the customer and the company through your Social Media and Website channels. The goal is to create a lasting relationship with your customer base. As phone and email have become less desirable, customer engagement now is spread across multiple channels. Using messaging apps, Social Media, and other methods, your customers will always have someone to talk to.   

Customer service  

Customer service is often-times an undervalued asset by companies. Here at Edify, we see it as an essential component to your customer’s buying experience. We understand the way you communicate with them, strengthens their emotional connection to your company. For this reason, businesses see this interaction as a critical factor in ensuring buyer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business. 

Influencer Marketing  

From reporting on campaigns and partnerships to managing incoming messages, Edify can help you manage social influencer campaigns from start to finish. 

What is influencer marketing?  

At its base, influencer marketing uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers who have a dedicated social following and usually seen as “experts” in their specific field.  

Influencer marketing works. This is due to the high amount of trust that social influencers have built up with their following. Recommendations from them serve as a form of social proof to your brand’s potential customers. 

Paid Social Media Advertising

On the surface, Paid Social is similar to many traditional advertising methods, such as billboards, T.V. Commercials, and radio ads. 

With Social Media Ads, instead of waiting for customers to come to you, your ads are placed in front of your pre-selected target market. Unlike traditional advertising  methods, with Paid Social you are able to track the performance of the advertisements and make adjustments as necessary.  

Another benefit with Social Media Ads is that not every click that doesn't convert, is a loss. Paid Social has the ability to have a deeper engagement with users, allowing you to seamlessly guide them through their buyer's journey, consciously and effectively. 


Paid Social Media 

From further developing your target marketing to implementing Paid ads that highlight your potential customers needs and offers your business as the solution. Edify is happy to take the reins and help your business get the recognition it deserves.