What sets us apart?

Edify has an in-house team that utilize the latest online integrations, personalizing the information on the site, always keeping in mind your buyer's journey. 
Delivering the services that you expect, and your customers deserve

Website Creation 


These are the servers your “website” will be functioning through.

The servers connect you and your business, to the internet. Making sure your website is sitting on a server that's easy to access and capable of providing consistent service no matter how busy your website is. 


With your help we find the best domain to match your online business, taking into account SEO, budget, accessibility and usage. Making sure your number one piece of online real estate is not only easy to find but represents you and your brand.  

Platform Creation

The website will be developed on platforms that meet your designed goals. Some platforms we use are Word Press, Shopify, and Wix.

All holding special characteristics and serving different markets through their structural composition, needs, and intended users.  

Website Design

The design of the website are the aesthetics and usability. This is the basic look and feel of the website. Creating the first draft of the site's architecture (wireframing) and establishing the color pallet.  

Content Creation

  • The information of the products/services  

The information that is going on your website is as important as the storefront of your business. Our team will work closely with you to define your message online that will fit the intended goals and aid the buyer in his or her journey. Including gathering information on your products and/or services and the history behind your company. This information will also set the tone for your online website and the community you build around it.  

Remember, in the digital world, less is more! 

We create the content to be included on your website, from the landing page to the about us. This includes: copywriting, pictures, videos, blogs and various stories to help shape your business website. Defining the vision for your products and services, which will be reflected on the content will be used to promote your brand, and that will represent your business in the long-run.  

Messenger / Chatbots

Messenger and Chatbot integrations are online programs that are programmed to facilitate real-time conversations with your customers. Whether they converse with your customers in a human-like fashion using a Chatbot, or alert you about a someone wanting to start a conversation about your business, right on your phone and with no delays! 

Website Integrations

Website Integrations bring out the best in your site. They are composed of the latest online tools you need to publish your business site out into the world. From measuring the traffic of your online campaigns to collecting information about frequent Q’s & A’s, integrations are what give you the edge - by granting you complete control over how you measure and communicate with your audience.  

These integrations serve as a bridge between social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, to backend data analytics like Google Pixel. 

Analytic “pixel” 

The Analytical Pixel is a key integration we will be implementing on all sites. This records the analytics of the site. Providing both us and your team with important information. This tracks the traffic on your website, the progress of your Ad Campaigns and the way the users interreact with your website and peripheral supporting platforms. 

" Facebook Messenger chatbots can be used to create drip campaigns and close deals effectively. Hence, 80% of brands plan to include chatbots in their operations in 2020. "

Site Maintenance/Management 

Once the website is published, there will be the need to adjust the functionality and navigation of the site, as our team will continuously be receiving new data from analytics, specific tests we run, and feedback we receive from customers and Google Analytics .  

We value our evaluation process as much as the development. If we find that an integration, video, design, button, etc... can be improved on, modified or added, Edify’s Website Design team will promptly make the necessary adjustments that same week. Our highest priority is for your business to never skip past a potential sale!