What sets us apart?

Edify aligns your business goals to real, measurable numbers.
We promote transparency  in our work, allowing us to receive manageable feedback we use to actively update your efforts.
Keeping you ahead of the curve.  

Google Analytics

Edify uses the Google Analytics tool to record the behavior, decisions, and actions taken by your customers across all your media and website platforms. This information is crucial to growing your business but can be easily misinterpreted depending on the goals you set for your company. For this reason, we measure the quality and not the quantity of the overall analytics your brand generates.   


The amount of data your online brand generates is endless. Measuring the right data is as important as paying attention to your company’s profits, as much as its losses. As we define your business objectives, a set of metrics will correspond to them. These metrics pivot us to the right direction but are not the most critical measurements you ultimately need to achieve – those are called Key Performance Indicators.  

Key Performance Indicators

KPI's will keep you on track, ensuring that you are moving towards your goals rather away from them. Your KPIs will be used as a measuring score that will help our team meet your goals in a timely and quantifiable manner every time. Our process is transparent and inclusive. This way you will be able to see your business growth and performance with each marketing effort we provide.